Magenta (going_not_gone) wrote in bookgrope,

Read anything good lately?

It's back....

I started the bookgrope community at the beginning of this year, and after the first book, I stopped making the effort involved in maintaining it as an online book discussion group. Mea culpa. Life happened, and so did other things, and finding a book that everyone wanted to read and voting on it and reading it....well, didn't happen.

Rather than deleting Bookgrope entirely, I've decided to reinvent it as a book review community. If you've read something you liked and want to recommend it to other readers, here's the place to do it! Conversely, if you've read something you really didn't enjoy and want to warn folks not to waste their time and money, here's the place to do it.

The rules are simple: Title in the subject, anything too spoilery behind a cut. Comments are the place to discuss/argue/dissect/critique/whatever.
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