mtpati (mtpati) wrote in bookgrope,

I got mine

I'm not posting anything about the book, but I'm excited and just wanted to post that I got mine.
I first went to the library where it was out on inter-library loan and not expected back for over a week.  But one of the women in my knitting group (the one who took the picture in my last lj post), said she had it and would love to loan it to me.
But the next day she called and said she couldn't find it.
So I called over to our larger local bookstore The Book Peddler, (which is for sale if anyone is looking for a life change), and Susan told me she had one copy!  I locked the door to my store and ran over and picked it up.  I managed to not go into the coffee shop area and buy a muffin and mocha.
So now I'm reading....
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